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This was made in a different era , a time when many quality items were hand made . This suitcase is a perfect example of a superbly crafted object made using  the finest materials to a very high spec. It would have probably been made to order for a gentleman. It was made by a firm called “Overhand & Co ” of  Oxford Street Manchester. Its interesting that I have been unable to find any information of this company , so I assume they were small and specialised and went out of business many years ago as peoples tastes and pockets changed and more commercially manufactured cases became the norm. They advertise themselves as bag and trunk makers. You have to see this item in the flesh to really appreciate the quality but I hope you can see from the images that this is a truly superb piece of luggage . Unfortunately some of the gentleman’s vanity items are missing put the ones that are left are top quality some having silver tops. Look at the stitching , the re-enforced corners the quality of the handle and the locks and latches , study the colour and thickness of the leather, this case was made to last. It has lasted and hopefully will find a new home with someone who will appreciate it and  with a little hard work will bring the colour and shine back to this fabulous old piece.