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Our container export service

Our Business

When dealing with our export clients we understand the importance of bei9ng able to select the right goods at the right price and to be able to get the service you require. This is how we have built our buiness and how we intend to continue to grow. We can assmeble 40 foot shipping containers from as little as £3000 to as high a figure as you like. We can sell you a container by emailing images or we can act as guides and take you to all the trade places in our area. If you are interested just contact us and discuss what we can offer.

Above you ca see just a few of the types of items we always have in stock. Standard shipping items to the rare and unusual, form Period to Mid Centuray classics.

Who We Are

We are a small independant family owned business. My name is Stephen and I am always happy to talk to both new and existing customers about how we can fullfill their requirements