A Great little inexpensive item , a curiosity. Price’s Patent Candle Co. Ltd. Candle snuffer

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In my business I get a myriad of interesting items from the past . There appears to be no logic when it comes to the pieces which particularly attract my attention . This little candle snuff is a prime example. It was in an old suitcase full of old, and vintage items and this little object would probably have been the least expensive . It grabbed my attention mainly because it had the makers plaque in Copper attached to the front.  Looking at it, it was an everyday object , perhaps a necessity in the Victorian era before electricity , you had to be absolutely sure that your candles were well and truly out, or risk a fire. This has a very simple design a piece of thick brass wire attached to a tin conical shaped  snuffer with a small brass nipple at the top. It was quite well made, there is a weld  and a rivet and would probably have been made by hand. But why put a name plaque on the front , not only that but such a large name plaque. I think the clue comes in the fact that the maker of this simple snuffer most probably also made candles , and candles needed replacing on a frequent basis , so the plaque served as a reminder and an advertisement for the makers candles . Not that important but I find it interesting.